5 on Sunday :: Mother’s Day Edition

Five nuggets of wisdom my mother gave me:

Daisies - My Mom's Favorite Flower

1. Don’t follow fads. (I fought this one – but she was totally right)

2. Don’t major in minors. (her way of saying I was paying attention to the wrong things)

3. Give generously.

4. Wear great shoes. (not sensible shoes mind you – GREAT shoes)

5. Listen to the wind in the trees.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

I sure do miss holding your hand.


2 thoughts on “5 on Sunday :: Mother’s Day Edition

  1. Those are all great rules and I especially relate to #5. Poplar trees – the way the wind rustles their leaves? My Mom taught me to enjoy .. and look for .. those.

    Wonderful! Hope your Mother’s Day was glorious!!

    Cheers, MJ

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