Intensely Concentrated Portion of Reality

I once heard great literary characters like Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet, Don Quixote and Raskolnikov described as “intensely concentrated portions of reality.” Even though they are not “real” in the sense that they exist, they are “realer than life” because they are so sharply etched and without all the extraneous details that aren’t essential to their character. I want to be an intensely concentrated portion of reality! I want my life to be clicked into the sharp focus of one who knows who she is and toward what goal she is striving.

Unfortunately I am so easily distracted! How frustrated my Author must be with this character; always trying to write myself into the wrong story lines, be the lead when I’m supposed to be support, and playing support when I’m supposed to be the lead. I would like to shed all the unnecessary fluff taking up valuable space in my story to bring the big picture that is uniquely mine, into view.

I think this is what Jesus was talking about in John 15:2 where he says, “He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.” How satisfying to get rid of all my worthless branches until I turn into a perfectly balanced specimen of juicy fruit bearing goodness!

So, while I grow and as I’m pruned, I think I’ll get a tee-shirt that says, “INTENSELY CONCENTRATED PORTION OF REALITY” and step into my destiny of “realness.”

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