It’s Not a Sin to Pursue Happiness

It is okay to allow yourself to be happy. What are you afraid of? Do you think that by being happy others will think you mindless and shallow? After all, the world is in shambles – how dare you be happy? Or perhaps you think that a sudden display of happiness will let so-and-so off the hook; thinking that you are over it and have forgiven them – thereby absolving them of further punishment from you by way of continually raining on their parade. Yes, I can see how that might be a problem. Sacrificing your self-righteousness for the sake of a pleasant disposition may just be too big a price to pay. My recommendation; throw caution to the wind and try on a fresh outlook laced with a little happiness.

Impossible you say? Then just pretend you’re happy. Ask yourself, “If I were happy, how would I feel right now?”  Let all your arguments rise to the surface like bubbles and proceed to pop them one pin-prick at a time.

I have heard the all the sermons and read the all books about joy and how joy is a state of being that far surpasses happiness. That happiness is dependent upon circumstances whereas joy is the undeniable result of a life surrendered to Divinity. I agree mostly – but I think that gives happiness a bad rap. I don’t think happiness is solely dependent upon our circumstances. In fact, our choice to be happy could very well be the catalyst to change our circumstance. I love our Declaration of Independence that lists the pursuit of happiness as a sovereign right of humankind. It’s totally okay to go after happiness with reckless abandon. It’s okay to spend your energy trying to figure out what would make you happy. I’ve heard it said, as I’m sure you have too, “Happy people are not mean people.” Well, we could sure use less mean people.

Sometimes, when I’m in a funk, and I see someone behaving as though they are happy, I think, “Lucky!” and then continue to wallow in self-pity. That’s a waste of precious time. Oozing my dark side all over the place and infecting the ones I love the most with the grime of gloom is not cool. I desperately want to diminish the span of those moments until they are so few and far between they not longer invade the beautiful life God has given me. Resolving to practice happiness is a noble pursuit.

I’m thinking it’s okay – more than okay even – with my Creator if I am happy; and if the God of the Universe approves then who am I to argue?

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