Crafting the Right Question

Four days ago I listened to a man tell his story about how God led his steps through scripture, exhortation of friends, and synchronistic circumstances and I was envious. I thought how magnificent to feel a call of God on your life and then be directed by the very person of God toward that end. I said a quiet pleading prayer, “God I wish you would lead me like that…” and felt the Gentle Whisper reply, “You haven’t been asking the right question.”  

The right question is, of course, different for me than it is for you, but it is the key. God answers our questions, but I do believe that we sabotage ourselves by asking the questions that only move us an inch or two down the road, when the right question posed to the God of the Universe can catapult us to a whole new experience of God’s presence, direction and calling.

I’m trying some new questions on for size these days. Finding the right question is just as important as watching and waiting for the answer.

We can make our plans,
      but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9


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