Desire and Delight

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

This verse has meant different things to me at different points along my spiritual journey. Most often, I found myself quoting it when I wanted something really really badly. I would think, “If only I could figure out what it means to delight in the Lord, then all my problems would be solved and I would attain this thing (fill in the blank).” The whole while I knew I was taking the wrong approach. I knew that I could not engage the Almighty God as a great cosmic genie in a bottle, yet I was so spiritually myopic I could not see the greater miracle in this verse – rather, I didn’t believe the greater miracle that deep within the Holy Spirit inspired stirring of my soul I knew was true.  And the truth, I have come to embrace, is this;

The person of God is the completion of all desires. Once you have learned what it means to truly delight in God, you will find all desires are fulfilled in the manifestation of the presence of God in your life. Until you have experienced this, it is incomprehensible and quite frankly, unappealing. When your mind and heart is focused on all things circumstantial instead of all things transcendent, it is hard to imagine being in a place where God alone can satisfy.

This morning as I drove out of my neighborhood, I could see in the distance the tall trees that provide a windbreak for our local citrus orchards. They’ve lost almost all their leaves in the recent Santa Ana wind storm. They were silhouetted against a sky of silver lined storm clouds suspended in a blue sky. It was beautiful and I thanked God for creating a scene that so perfectly spoke to my aesthetic soul. After treating myself to a Friday cup of coffee at the local coffee house, the sky had once again transformed into a glowing palette of yellow and gold; the sunrise had commenced. It was delightful, and for it I thanked the Creator. Still lost in reverie over the stunning splendor in the sky, I caught my breath in an audible gasp, for there, right in front of me as I entered the freeway, was a rainbow. By now I am in tears. This is a love letter from the hand of God to the heart of me. It is as clear as any message written or spoken. At every turn it was as if God and I were engaged in a beautiful exchange of mutual delight. The grace of God displayed in the splendor of the sky and sea continued for the 8 mile drive to the office. The hillsides carved with neat rows of lemon groves, the distant mountains with a hint of snow, the islands outlined crisply against a slate blue ocean, the storm clouds hovering just above the horizon. Krall, Monk, Davis, and Ellington on the radio, and the scent of a pumpkin spice latte completed the sensual experience. God knows what stirs my soul and painting my world with this particular brush this morning was a gift from Gods heart to mine.

I think this is what it means to delight in the Lord. When we notice the nuances of the way our day unfolds, the way that God interjects humor, beauty, synchronicity, peace, friendship at the perfect moments. Those moments are always there if we are paying attention. The more we see it, the more we will see it. The more we see it, the more we will delight. The more we delight, the more we will come to realize there is no desire greater than the desire for more of God.


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