My greatest desire is to be a reflector of God’s glory in the midst of a pretty dark world, to stand in the direct path of God and be an active participant in furthering God’s kingdom.  I do not have the ear of great leaders, nor do I have a platform from which to speak, nor an audience waiting to listen, and the tiny scope of influence I have is crippled by rules of workplace propriety and familial harmony. Sometimes I feel like my life is really making no difference in eternity…but then I think of the biblical account of Joseph. He went from favored son, to slave, to prisoner, to in charge of a large country. How could he know at his darkest moments that he was still in the direct path of God? How can I know, that even in my work-a-day life, I am standing in the path of God? I look at how God worked in the life of Joseph and I think, that since God is unchanging,1 God may employ similar techniques today.

Joseph found himself in the path of God just doing what he was good at, whether slave, prisoner, or leader, and as it turned out, his skills were ultimately essential to the preservation of his entire race! We can’t always know how we fit in to the big picture. The best we can do most of the time is live our lives, abiding in Christ, doing our daily work well, whether it be white collar, blue collar, or spit-up collar, and trust that there is a greater purpose at work.

Could it be that my day job is serving a purpose in furthering God’s kingdom? Perhaps. So off I go to work, and, using the skills God has given me, I’ll do it well. Someday maybe God will grant me the ability to see how my meager contribution has impacted God’s kingdom, but maybe I will never know this side of eternity.

By the way, if you don’t know the story of Joseph, you can read it in Genesis 37 – 45. It’s Old Testament drama at its finest!
1. Malachi 3:6; James 1:17, Hebrews 13:8

6 thoughts on “In God’s Path

  1. You are mentoring at least two of us with your writing! God speaks to me through your blog and I’m pretty sure my friend would say the same. Keep using those skills!

  2. Hey my friend. I hadn’t had a chance to read this yet. I agree with the others…be encouraged that you do make a difference. It’s been 20 years almost since we have seen each other face to face, but you have continued to encourage me through our sporadic communications over the years. Ain’t FB grand in bringing closer communication!

    There is always, I think, a desire in us to do “more”…to know that we are indeed worthwhile in our place. It is not just the desire to make a difference, but the desire to know we are not simply lost in the mass.

    Finding a way to make the mundane beautiful and meaningful is the challenge for those of us who live in relative ease. We are not faced with survival or with taking a dramatic stand…we are faced with how believing in the Living God changes our domestic and mundane lives.

    It does.

    It changes how we view people….they are images bearers of a Great Creator.

    It changes how we do our work…we work as unto the Lord, and not men…we are faithful and diligent.

    It changes how we operate. We know that prayer is efficient and we know that God has a reason we are where we are…He is working, and He is working through us.

    More than that….He delights in You. He delights in You in how you care for Joe and in how you are teaching your daughter to be a woman. He delights in your desire to bring Him glory.

    And we all get to see that…when sometimes it’s difficult to see when you are in the midst of it.

    Keep writing!

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