This week I have been in the throes of a personal crisis of character. Holding fast to the good judgment God has given me means disagreeing with some powerful people. I’ve been wrestling with thoughts of my own insignificance and questioning whether or not my small life and sense of propriety really even matter. Is it worth the personal angst to take a stand? I hold no position of influence, my opinion is not sought, nor, do I believe it is deemed valuable to the powers that be… but still, if I don’t stand fast to my convictions, I will betray the very wisdom I so relentlessly crave and the discernment I so actively seek. In the midst of my turmoil, God, in usual style, was kind enough to direct me to the following quote by A.W. Tozer;

Strongest minds are often those of whom the noisy world hears least. Most of us in our soberer moments would admit the soundness of this observation, but the hard fact is that for the average person it is not the findings of the sober moment that determine our total working philosophy; rather it is the shallow and deceptive notion pressed upon us by the “noisy world.” Human society generally (and especially in the United States) has fallen into the error of assuming that greatness and fame are synonymous. Americans appear to take for granted that each generation provides a certain number of superior men and women and the democratic process unerringly find those men and women and set them in a place of prominence. How wrong can people get! We have but to become acquainted with, or even listen to, the big names of our times to discover how wretchedly inferior most of them are. Many appear to have arrived at their present eminence by pull, brass nerve, gall and lucky accident. We turn away from them sick to our stomach and wonder for a discouraged moment if this is the best the human race can produce. But we gain our self-possession again by the simple expedient of recalling some of the plain men and women we know, who live unheralded and unsung, and who are made of stuff infinitely finer than the hoarse-voiced braggarts who occupy too many of the highest offices in the land.

Man, The Dwelling Place of God (A.W.Tozer)

I will take the unheralded and unsung existence. And perhaps I will find, in my small corner of the universe, a degree of greatness that is worth something only when viewed through the lens of eternity.


7 thoughts on “Confessions of the Unheralded and Unsung

  1. Vicky…you are one of the most discerning women of God I am priviledged to know and love. You matter, your opinions matter, and your gentle insight into the Word has touched many people just when they needed it most. I love you!!!

  2. There must be something in your water coming into my water. I have had the exact sense of questioning. Wondering what God is saying to me at least I know I am not alone in this query. Not that I want you to suffer! NO!
    Thank you for sharing this; it gives me direction. It is like returning to the home spot of our purpose to start over again. In the process God is teaching me a lot more about myself. I feel the pieces he doesn’t want chipping away….

  3. This is an amazing extract, and I agree completely with these words. It is such a shame that so many people think that ‘greatness’ means success, fame or wealth. I often feel lost and confused when I listen to people who society deems as ‘great’, because their words contain little meaning for me. It is the people in our every day lives that are most inspiring.

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