Flightless Bird

I see you trying to stretch your wings in a locked cage. I hear you sing even though your heart is aching. Don’t despair little bird, you were meant to fly, and fly you will. Learn the lessons of the cage while you are there. Learn contentment, simplicity, and humility; learn to be still, learn to listen. Get to know yourself in the quiet stillness the silver bars promote. Take advantage of your undistracted captivity as a time to allow dreams to take shape and gain clarity. So when you are set free, you will waste no time mulling over your first adventure.  Your present confinement is a time of discipline, and you know better than to scorn discipline. Embrace it as it shapes you, for discipline will give substance to your future flight, assuring that you don’t veer off-course. Use this time to think and train, because the time is coming for the door to be flung wide open, and you will have to rely on what you have learned in the cage to keep you safe as you soar.

I see you, flightless bird. Do not despair. Your time of freedom is not far away.


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