Don’t dazzle them with your polished musicians, and lure them with egg hunts and bounce houses. Don’t persuade them with famous orators and hyped-up hype. I just want them to meet me. What is Easter if not to expose them to the Gospel of my grace? If you think you have to sell them on your faith, you don’t know me well enough to appropriately reflect me.

Tell them that the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn in two, from top to bottom and tell them what that means. Ask them to imagine what it would feel like to be furiously loved by God. Ask them to imagine what true contentment, peace, freedom, forgiveness and joy might be like. Tell them I died to bring that to them, and let them reflect on that. Exposure to my grace is all that is required for a changed life.

I have sweat blood over you and the rest of humanity. Your sweat will do nothing to enhance what I have already done. Don’t cloud my beauty in your cleaver marketing. I have finished the work already. No spectacle required.


3 thoughts on “Spectacle

  1. This is so true and so good Victoria. God bless you for the gift of words you have and for sharing with us all. Happy Easter to you, your husband, Daughter & Dad and all you know & love. Easter is coming….look up & shine forth Jesus~much love & many hugs~Myra & Al

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