Nothing is Wasted

I have seen old suitcases turned into shelves, pet beds, vanity stools, medicine cabinets, side tables and bathroom sinks. I’ve seen shutters used for magazine racks, coat racks, picture racks, and pan racks. I’ve seen bathtubs as sofas, teacups as wind chimes, skis as Adirondack chairs, boots as birdhouses, rakes as necklace holders, and a telephone booth as an aquarium. When the original purpose is lost, a creative soul sees potential in the ruins and redeems the parts left for something new and interesting.


Our lives are different though. Our original purpose was lost before we began. We are not like the rusty pipes rescued from the junk pile, never again to transport water, reduced to a coffee table leg. We have the best days ahead – always. Our Redeemer does not repurpose our lives. Our Redeemer purposes them, and, if we cooperate, continues to purpose them over and over and over, each new purpose a greater expression of our true identity.

The sorrow and pain of your present moment can be purposed. So can your joy.  Allow the beautiful Redeemer to work. Please do not hear in these words that loathsome platitude that there is a reason for everything. Hear instead the greater news that every piece of our lives may be purposed. Nothing is wasted is the hands of our Redeemer.

Today, as you journey through your valleys or soar on your mountain tops, you will discover joy beyond reason, peace beyond understanding, and hope beyond dreams when you focus your heart in willing surrender and whisper the prayer, “purpose this.”

Psalm 51:5, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Isaiah 61:3, Romans 8:28

Jason Gray :: Nothing is Wasted – Official Video


One thought on “Nothing is Wasted

  1. this is very encouraging , to anyone who senses the losses and missed opportunities in one’s life either through outside circumstances or just one’s missing it, personally.
    Thank you for such keen insight shared.

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