I have loved sharing my thoughts here on Twirling Girl, but seasons change. I am now in a new season, and needed to give fresh expression to my musings. My current thoughts may be found here, at Hope is a Lifestyle. You are welcome to join me there.


I’m not abundantly eloquent or clever.

I’m just an ordinary woman who ponders things like God and Faith and the Human Experience.

Some of you might be ordinary too.

Some of you might ponder like me.

This is a conversation that just might resonate with ordinary, thoughtful folks…like you.


You will find a new post on Twirling Girl whenever inspiration strikes, sometimes often, sometimes not, depending on the season of my soul. The posts are typically in response to something that has set my mind twirling, and needs to find expression. Twirling Girl is my filter, my processor, and my therapist.  Most of the thoughts I share are incomplete. If I ever  write that book, I will turn to these posts as a launching point as each entry is only the tip of the twirling ice burg.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Victoria –

    After reading your “About Me,” I see we have many things in common. There is not much eloquent about me. I have my Christian faith which I believe to be strong, yet such an imperfect normal guy I am. I’m always dreaming, pondering, and thinking…sometimes too much. The human experience is why we write and blog. We’re feeling moved to share our experiences, views, and insights with others. Nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. You have a wonderful blog. It is definitely the type of magazine that I’d like to read through, too. And, wow, you flick through your magazines back to front as well..?! 🙂

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